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That we can settle:

  • Yellowstone Capital
  • Merchant Cash & Capital, LLC
  • Kabbage
  • OnDeck
  • Merchant Capital Partners
  • RapidAdvance
  • Swift Capital
  • Lending Club
  • Funding Circle USA Inc.
  • Capify
  • Bizfi
  • BFS Capital
  • Next Level Funding
  • Platinum Rapid Funding Group
  • IBIS Capital Group
  • EBF Partners LLC
  • Core Business Finance, Inc.
  • FB Funding, LLC
  • Retail Capital, llc d/b/a/ Credibly
  • Fundera

Your Leader in Merchant Cash Advance Debt Settlement!!

We use a proprietary corporate debt restructuring system.

Unlike our competitors we have custom tailored a state of the art proprietary software system, giving us the leverage to restructure corporate debt primarily MCA or Merchant Cash Advance debt whether you have one loan or multiple loans, we will eliminate our client’s debt loads drastically. This makes the debt restructuring process very stream-lined for business debt creditors to accept low settlements in bulk which becomes very appealing to their bottom line. This is a major advantage for our clients because it allows us to get them low settlements at an affordable restructure payment plan in order to improve their business cash flow. Creditors and other debt vendors would much rather restructure corporate debt in this bulk manner because it makes more sense to them financially and improves their bottom line. We have developed key relationships with upper management level employees at some of the largest business debt creditors in America, which allows them to look at our offers in bulk more carefully and timely to make them a top priority.

Are you struggling with keep up with your MCA payments?

You are not alone. Many of our clients got caught up taking out MCA advances only to find themselves with multiple advances and struggling to payback the daily, weekly or monthly minimal amounts. In some drastic cases it even forced the business – OUT OF BUSINESS! We know firsthand what over-extending yourself could mean for your business. That’s why we developed this proprietary system to help business owners restructure their corporate debt and allow the business not only to remain in business but to strive and grow.


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